Sleep Problems Affect the Performance of the Company

A study published in 2014 by Virgin Pulse, a British human resources consulting company, pointed out that 76% of office workers in the United States feel tired during work hours, and about 15% say they doze off at work at least once a week.

Sleep problems not only affect the health of employees, but also affect the overall performance of the company.
A small task that could have been completed in ten minutes may not make any progress after an hour has passed when the employee is sleepy.

When you woke up, your neck was sore and your arms were numb.

This is because a nap on your stomach has many side effects. On the one hand, breathing is not very smooth and the brain is prone to hypoxia (so it is always groggy when you wake up). On the other hand, this also puts pressure on the shoulders and necks.

However, we have to sleep at noon. As the saying goes, not going to sleep at noon will collapse in the afternoon.

It is said that the body is the capital of the revolution, and a good night’s sleep, work efficiency in the afternoon can be improved!

Many people’s nap is lying on the table, sleeping at the desk with pillows on their arms. In fact, this is a very wrong way to take a nap!

First of all, this position easily obstructs breathing and is very uncomfortable. Secondly, using arms instead of pillows will severely compress the eyeballs, increase the pressure on the eyes, and easily increase the incidence of glaucoma over time. The muscles of the arms and waist are fixed in a posture and continue to work intensely. You can’t get a real rest. When you wake up, you will feel backache and back pain. It is better not to sleep. In addition, although such a nap supplemented the brain power, it did not achieve the purpose of relaxing the body. It was half right. A truly relaxing nap should look like this:
1. Sleep comfortably.

It is best to sleep on the sofa, so that you can stretch your body and relax into sleep. If you don’t have a suitable sofa, you can choose several comfortable chairs, put them together, adjust the back of one of the chairs to the lowest position, and then lean on it, stretch your legs as far as possible on the chair, and you can fall asleep.

It is wrong for the head to hang on the back of the chair while sleeping, because this can reduce the blood flow to the head and cannot achieve the purpose of lunch break. So it is best to put some soft objects behind your head as a pillow.

Putting the legs on a chair is good for the blood circulation of the legs and the whole body, and can completely relax the lower body, especially to prevent the occupational disease of varicose veins in the legs.

2. Wake up slowly.

After waking up from a nap, it is not advisable to stand up immediately, but to sit up slowly, move around, and then enter work after a few minutes. At this time, you can take the olfactory refreshing method.

You can spray a little perfume, smell the dried flower sachet with mint, orange, and rose scent, which can play a refreshing effect.

You can chew some mint-flavored gum and eat some strong-tasting dried apricots.

You can make a cup of tea again. It is best to use dried flower tea. Watching the flowers of various colors floating in the water, the lingering aroma will come out, which not only helps you rejuvenate, but also has beauty effects!

If none of the above methods work, then you can only make a cup of coffee, remember not to drink too much, otherwise it will affect night sleep.

Be careful not to drink sugar-containing beverages as much as possible, otherwise the sugar will make your nap work half the result and cause fatigue.

1. It is not advisable to fall asleep immediately after a meal. Because the digestive system is working after a meal, a nap at this time will reduce the digestive function. You should wait at least 10 minutes after a meal before taking a nap.

2. Try to avoid taking a nap in a noisy office. The best place is a quiet lounge and meeting room.

3. OFFICE usually has central air-conditioning. In summer, you should avoid taking a nap at the air outlet to avoid catching cold. It is best to prepare a travel blanket in the office to ensure that you do not catch cold during the afternoon nap.

4. Turn off the surrounding computers and mobile phones during a nap, one is to avoid noise disturbance, and the other is to reduce the chance of radiation.

5. If you wear contact lenses, it is best to take them off before taking a nap. In this way, not only the eyes can be fully rested, but also the eyes will not feel sore after waking up.

6. At the beginning of a nap, you may not be able to fall asleep immediately. Don’t worry, you will naturally fall asleep quickly after 2-3 days.

7. The nap time should not be too long, usually about 30 minutes.

Take a nap and talk about “skills”

Busy work and tight rhythm often make manpower incompetent. Therefore, nap has become an important guarantee for many people to work a day. Experts believe that a nap can not only increase physical strength, eliminate fatigue, and improve work efficiency in the afternoon, but also enhance the body’s protective function. But there are a lot of specialties about nap, only reasonable nap method can achieve the best effect.

First, do not rush to take a nap after a meal. Many people are accustomed to going to sleep after lunch, and when the stomach is just filled with food, a large amount of blood flows to the stomach, blood pressure drops, and the brain’s oxygen and nutrition supply drops significantly. Falling asleep immediately will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain. Therefore, it is best to exercise for 10 minutes before nap to facilitate food digestion.

The second is to pay attention to the time to fall asleep. Most people think that as long as you sleep at noon, you can achieve results. However, according to expert analysis, the easiest time for people to fall asleep is 8 hours after getting up in the morning or 8 hours before going to bed at night, which is about 1 o’clock at noon. Because at this time, people’s vigilance is in a period of natural decline, and the body will get a good rest during the afternoon nap.

The third is to pay attention to hygiene during the afternoon nap. Do not eat too greasy things before going to bed, and do not eat too full, because greasiness will increase blood viscosity, aggravate coronary artery disease, and over-satisfaction will increase the burden of stomach digestion. In addition, you can drink a glass of water after waking up to replenish blood volume and dilute the blood viscosity, and then you can perform some light activities like walking.

Fourth, the nap should not be too long. Experts believe that 15-30 minutes is the most appropriate for a healthy nap, and the longest should not exceed 1 hour. If the time is too short to achieve the effect of rest; if the time is too long, you will feel a slight headache and general weakness after waking up, and it is not easy to wake up.

Fifth, do not sleep on your stomach during a nap. It is understood that most people do not pay attention to the nap posture, some lying prone, some simply lie on the table to sleep. In fact, sleeping at the desk will reduce the blood supply to the head, causing a series of cerebral ischemia and hypoxia symptoms such as dizziness, dizziness, fatigue and so on after waking up. At the same time, using your hands as a pillow will put pressure on the eyeballs, which will easily induce eye disease over time, and lying on the table will compress your chest, affecting blood circulation and nerve conduction.


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