“Victory” for the Prime Minister of India

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Mudi’s party has won a historic victory in the general election after hundreds of millions of votes have been counted in the multi-stage elections, the Indian foreign minister said on Thursday.

According to official data released by the Electoral Commission in India that the BJP, led by Moody, got 292 seats out of 542 seats, more than the seats required to achieve the required majority in the House of Representatives of 272 seats.

This would give the party the first direct majority achieved by one party since 1984. The figures showed the main opposition Congress party had 51 seats.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, a senior BJP leader, said the ruling party had won a “landslide victory.”

Modi wave sweeps 2.0 towards BJP’s victory, understand how PM’s height
Even after the issue of opposition unity, anti-incumbency factor, ethnic equation, Raphael and employment issue has been raised, it is Narendra Modi, whose charismatic personality is growing at the BJP’s victory. It is the confidence of the public and BJP on PM Modi that the party saw dinner for allies while watching the exit polls, while the entire opposition was in turmoil.

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India's Prime Minister Narendra Mudi's party has won a historic victory in the general election

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