What Happened at 4.Red Bull Flight Day

35 teams were winged, 200 thousand people watched on-site Red Bull Flight Day, was the scene of unforgettable moments. Details and photos are here!

Red Bull Flight Day, the most entertaining and extraordinary aviation event of all time, took Istanbul under its wing for the fourth time. 35 teams attended, 200 thousand people watched the aviation feast on the spot.

The Red Bull Flight Day, which was held in collaboration with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Flying, non-flying, extraordinary costumes and spectacular performances of the performers who jumped in the event, which was the stage of the event, became part of a never-ending entertainment. The teams, which took off from the 6-meter ramp and met with cool waters, were scored by the special jury over creativity, performance and distance.

Müge Boz, İbrahim Selim, Muhammed Yılmaz, Ayşe Begüm Corporal, Sinan Güler, Ilayda Alişan, Ogeday Entrepreneur, Yağmur Sarıoğlı, Kübra Dağlı and Murat Keleş, the jury team rated the contestants, the world famous Red Bull Air Race pilot Dario Costa signed the show.

Costa also captivated audiences, who performed for minutes on Caddebostan with Red Bull Air Race. Dario Costa from the Hezarfen Airport to the skies of Caddebostan took a stroll at Hezarfen Airport, which made the lucky audience sharing the most fun through Instagram.

Burcu Esmersoy and Emre Karayel’in ramp, Mustafa Ozben and DJ Funky C’nin area, Erman Yasar and Mesut Süre’in live broadcast screens presented by the event was transferred to thousands of people from all over the area. The event, where Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu greeted the people and chatted with the contestants for a while, came to an end after about 5 hours of action.

Red Bull Flight Day 2019 – Teams
35 brave teams winged on 4th Red Bull Flight Day

When the Red Bull Flight Day was held in Istanbul for the fourth time, the winning team was Coffee Lovers. Team consisting of Barış Somer, Çetin Gürer, Ertuğrul Akyıldız and Umut Öztürk managed to be the best of the 4th Red Bull Flight Day. Second place was Mother Force and third place was Vecihi Team. Flying Efeler was the team that covered the longest distance.

Following these results, the first team won the pilot training award and the second team won the chance to watch a Red Bull Air Race race on the spot. The third team had the chance to fly with Flying Bulls in Hangar-7 in Austria. The team that managed to fly the farthest ended the day by winning a world tour special ticket.


Hülya Karahanan



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