Where Tears Come Out in the Eyes

Have you ever thought about where the tears come from? Have you ever seen the small point or hole in the lower part of your eyelids? This is the point responsible for getting tears into your eyes to moisten or cry.

This is called the “tear point” or “hole” Through “know your body” we recognize the tearful point where the tears come out in your eye in detail, according to the site “ifscience.”

Lacrimal Puncta is defined as a small hole in the eyelids, 2 mm from the inner corner of each eyelid. This point appears larger and clearer in some people than others. There are 4 tear points: two in each eye in the inner part of each eyelid.

When you want to cry, the nerves stimulate the glands responsible for the secretion of tears, and then the tear forms in the lacrimal glands and the lacrimal point gathers the tears produced by the lacrimal glands and then moves to the lacrimal duct and then the sac, then the nasopharyngeal canal and then the nose, which explains why the runny nose occurs after Tears.

There is a medical procedure involving placing small cylinder shaped plugs in these holes for eye dryness, this helps to stop the eye from draining a lot of tears, keeping them moist and healthy and to prevent infections.