Which Company Sold the Most 5G Smartphones Last Year

There was a mixed analysis that Samsung and Huawei of China each ranked first. Samsung and Huawei are fiercely competing to preoccupy the 5G smartphone market. Apple’s launch of the 5G iPhone at the end of this year is expected to intensify competition.

According to market research firm Counterpoint Research on the 14th, Samsung Electronics took the 1st place in 43% of 5G smartphone sales in 2019. Huawei came in second with 34 percent. Next were LG Electronics (10%), Chinese companies Vivo (5%), and Xiaomi (3%). Last year, 5G services in Korea and China began, leading to an increase in the number of consumers switching from 4G.

But other analysts, Strategy Analytics (SA), have different results. According to SA, global shipments of 5G smartphones last year were 1870 million units. Huawei shipped 6.9 million units, ranking first with a 36.9% market share. Samsung Electronics shipped 6.7 million units, ranking 2nd with a slight difference with a market share of 35.8%.

The industry believes that there may be errors due to the different methods of survey and evaluation. This is because market research firms’ market share analysis is close to estimates such as sampling (partial survey) rather than whole. An industry official said, ‘Who’s the best?’ Is more about looking at overall trends or trends than paying attention to market share figures.

Huawei’s leap forward is common
In fact, there is a tendency to be confirmed in common for the different results of the two survey companies. Chinese companies such as Huawei are making progress. Not to mention the SA survey, which ranked Huawei first, it is also confirmed in the counterpoint research survey that ranked Samsung first. Counterpoint Research said that Samsung’s market share was 53.9% in November. But in a month, Samsung’s share (43%) fell by more than 10% p, and Huawei’s (34%) and other Chinese companies have made progress.