Beyonce Being Sued for “Extreme Witchcraft and Killing Cat Baby”

Beyonce is supposed to be a bad witch? This claims the former drummer of the singer and has filed a lawsuit against her.

Beyonce (37, “Crazy In Love“) enchants her fans and colleagues with her looks and her music is well known. Her former drummer Kimberly Thompson claims that the singer has done her a lot of damage with “witchcraft”. This seems to be the result of an application for an injunction against Beyonce. The reason for this is called “extreme witchcraft” in the court document.

As the page “”, which the documents are available, further reports, Beyonce, is said to have used their magic allegedly to monitor Thompson’s phones and to control the finances. But that’s not all: Thompson also claimed that the singer had sexually harassed her with “black magic” and “spells.” And then she also killed her “cat baby“.

The request for a preliminary injunction was rejected by a judge – not surprisingly – meanwhile. Thompson said she worked for seven years as a drummer for Beyonce.

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