British Airways Pilots Accept 270 Layoffs And a 20% Drop in Salary

Agreement between Bristish Airways and the unions to reduce labor costs due to the negative impact of the coronavirus. British Airways pilots have voted in favor of the latest agreement negotiated by the Balpa union and the airline, which includes a total of 270 layoffs, compared to the 1,255 expected, as well as a temporary 20% reduction in salary.

85% of the participants in the vote were in favor of accepting the deal. 87% of the 4,300 pilots who work at the airline participated in the vote. “Our members have made a pragmatic decision in these circumstances, but the fact that we have not been able to persuade British Airways to avoid all mandatory layoffs is bitterly disappointing,” said Balpa Secretary General Brian Strutton.

Among the measures included in the agreement are the reduction of layoffs to 270, a reserve equivalent to 300 pilots with reduced salaries ready to fly again when demand increases, salary cuts that will come from a 20% reduction in salary and will pass to 8% in the following two years, and then continue to decrease until reaching zero in the long term. In addition, the possibility of “firing and re-hiring” is excluded and the option of part-time work, severance pay and voluntary leave are considered.


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British Airways Pilots Accept 270 Layoffs And a 20% Drop in Salary

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