Catherine Zeta-Jones to play Morticia in the new Addams series on Netflix

Catherine Zeta-Jones will play Morticia in the new Addams series on Netflix, titled Wednesday.

Zeta-Jones, 51, joins the casting that includes Jenna Ortega, 18, as Wednesday (or Merlina) and Luis Guzman, 64, as Gomez Addams.

DailyMail reports that in February the series was ordered for eight episodes, focusing on Wednesday’s time studying at Nevermore Academy, as she explores her abilities as a psychic. She also follows the Addams‘ daughter’s investigative skills from a 25-year-old enigma surrounding her parents, as well as stopping a series of murders in the city.

The actresses who have played Morticia Addams in the past have been Carolyn Jones in the 1960 TV series, Anjelica Houston in the 90s movies , and Charlize Theron provided her voice for an animated film in 2019. Tim Burton will direct and executive produce the series.

So, Catherine Zeta-Jones will be Morticia in the new Addams series on Netflix.