Dior,The Paris Fashion Week

Dance and fashion together passionately under the huge Dior tent on the meadows of the Longschamp Hippodrome for the summer collection of the 2019 designed by creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri with a very happy hand and a very special grace. “I worked with the choreographer Sharon Eyal who lives in Tel Aviv – says Chiuri after the applause and the rain of rose petals (but paper) – and I decided for this fashion show with contemporary ballet.

The maison Dior has a great tradition for the clothes of many ballets and it seemed nice to start this collaboration between two worlds because dance as fashion speaks of the body, and I started from the body before thinking about the clothes, the natural movements of us women and our grace, because each must find their own style “.

Dresses like elements of personal expression, perfect tulle nets, ties & day printed pleated puffs of lilies of the valley, thistles and daisies, Isadora Duncan peplums, long chiffon tutuos that dance with each step in delicate colors like those of body skin and underwear that would have liked Pina Bauch and in which Maria Grazia believes so much to have it declined in a rich collection of delicate pieces of silk.

Echoes of folk dances, like the pizzica that reminds the designer of the summers as a child in Puglia where her mother or the Balkan dances were born, in the poor white cotton dresses and in the ethnic decorations of the blue suits. “Fashion must return to reflect a bit ‘more, we must rethink this trade  says Maria Grazia Chiuri while dancers and models dance and parade at the same time in a poetic liturgy of bodies – point to a kaleidoscope of colors that excites, shoes from a dancer with a heel of transparent Plexiglas that are tied on the foot with sweetness, to clothes made of foulards, to perfect embroideries of flowers all with feathers “.

The Dior accessories will be sold, first on all the military green haversacks that recall those of the Sixties with the writings of high school students.