Facebook Remove Pprofiles Linked to the Bolsonaro

Facebook announced on Mondathe removal of 68 pages and 43 profiles linked to a network that spread content sympathetic to presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PSL). These support accounts for Bolsonaro on Facebook belonged to the group Raposo Fernandes Associados (RFA) and, together, had 12.6 million interactions in just one month, according to the report in the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo.

Among the pages that disseminated content aimed at the conservative, anti-tourist and pro-Bolsonaro on Facebook and were removed are Folha Politica, MCC – Movimento Contra Corrupçao, TV Revolta and Correio do Poder.

The site justified the exclusion of these pages claiming that they were created using fake profiles – which violates the terms of use of the social network. In addition, the pages served articles with “hunting-click” content, directing users to sites outside of Facebook with lots of ads and little informative content.

In a statement, the company pointed out that the removal of the pro-Bolsonaro pages was due to these violations of internal standards (called “Community Standards”), and not to the content conveyed.

“We based our decision to remove these Pages for their behavior – such as the fact that they were using fake accounts and repeatedly posting spam – rather than the content they were posting. This behavior has been detected on Facebook, and there are no signs of abuse in our other applications, “the text says.

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The platform adds that while spam is typically linked to fraudulent service provision, the company has registered pages and profiles disseminating “political sensational content” across all ideological spectra to drive users’ traffic to sites out of the social network and make money from selling ads on them. According to the company, the RFA group acted in this way.

The case was revealed by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo on the 12th of this month. According to the report, the RFA set up an “empire” of pages and websites and Facebook investigated the network in secrecy.

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Until the report was published, we were not able to contact the owners of RFA and the pages of support for Bolsonaro on Facebook. So far, the candidate Jair Bolsonaro has not manifested on the case in their social networks.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder