Gucci 2019 SS Reproduces the Old Hollywood

Gucci announced the 2019 spring and summer campaign. A new campaign, #GucciShowtime, filled with color, energy and energy, commemorates the golden age of Hollywood musicals, the beginning of celebrity culture.

This campaign, directed by Glenn Ritchford, features 1953 works such as “The American in Paris“, “The Band Wagon” in 1953, “Cover Girl” in 1944, Gucci was inspired by works of the 1940s and 1950s, including the 1952 ‘Love in the Rain.’ Gucci is a delightful world of Hollywood, a trinity of songs and dances, and a gorgeous and fantastic set of talented actors And reinterpreted it as a brand’s emotion.

Check out the gallery above and a video below to experience the unique aesthetics of Gucci.