“Kate Middleton Like Queen Elizabeth” Self-Esteem and Love of Nature

According to some real commentators, the Duchess would have many points in common with the sovereign: “Both adore life in the open air, know how to listen, never lose their temper and have great self-confidence”

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth would be much more alike than they seem. The confrontation between the most famous women of the Windsor house is set up by the Daily Mail, which lines up a series of analogies highlighted by two recent analyzes: “Both the Duchess and the sovereign are not extroverted characters,” says the expert to Victoria Murphy and Yahoo UK, “they have calm characters and strong self-esteem.”

“It must also be said that both love nature and outdoor life.” Among other things, Kate has changed a lot since the 2011 royal wedding: “Today she is much more relaxed and with motherhood she has increased self-confidence. I believe that, even more than the leadership qualities, she is very good at team play », concludes Victoria. “Which is a gift that fits perfectly with the important roles it covers and will cover”.

Above all, according to the plans, that of a queen consort alongside her husband William, heir to the throne: “The children changed her life”, is the thought of another expert in real affairs, Angela Levin. “She is very good at listening, as well as speaking, and this is another element in common with the queen.” Moreover, according to the information reported by the tabloid, it seems that the Cambridge have long been controlled.

“They have been closely watched by both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip,” said Tom Quinn speaking on a Channel 5 program. “Besides, some young royalty have made serious mistakes in the past, so Her Majesty and her husband wanted to make sure that William and Kate didn’t risk making more. ” Who knows that just by observing Kate the sovereign has not noticed all the elements in common.

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