In her first concert in Saudi Arabia, Mariah Carey told her audience: “You have stirred my emotions and my enthusiasm.

Under the umbrella of the Saudi International Golf Championship, with the support of the General Authority for Entertainment, held a night of musical and musical watchmaker, inspired by the star Mariah Carey, and coordinator of the DJ “most famous” in the Dutch world Tisto.

This concert was not just a passing party like other concerts, as it was filled with many surprises, as characterized by great preparations, and the participation of two international stars in it.

On the huge stage, which was created specifically for the event in the entertainment district of King Abdullah Economic City, the stars created the best of them, especially with the latest professional equipment.

The grand opening of the Saudi International Golf Championship was held in the entertainment area and was preceded by great preparations. A large outdoor theater was specially created for this event and it was equipped with state-of-the-art professional technology. The theater has a VIP and VIP area with the best hospitality, and a backstage for the audience.

In the center of the entertainment area, the audience was a large crowd, such as concerts in America and European countries, so that the concert recorded the highest public attendance in the history of concerts held in Jeddah. The theater was decorated with laser lighting to accompany foreign music and Carrie’s songs. These highlights added a special glow to the concert and contributed to the creation of great harmony between the audience and the two world stars. We also noticed in the scenes that Maria Carey did not attend rehearsals.

The international star Maria Carey inspired her followers and audience upon her first arrival in Saudi Arabia, where she was accompanied by her twin sons Morcan and Monroe, to mark the occasion. Activists in the social networking sites have a video from the moment she arrives, carrying a bouquet of roses accompanied by her musical crew, who accompanies her on all her tours.
Maria arrived in Jeddah on the same night to revive her concert, which means her rehearsal outside Saudi Arabia, and headed directly from the airport to her residence. Before the stage, a luxurious tent was set up behind him, where Maria was received. An hour to put makeup.

The entertainment area was crowded with tens of thousands of visitors who attended the concert hours before. The tickets ran out in record time, and thousands of people crowded into the gates.
When the audience saw the motto of the Golden M on the stage, which decorates all of Maria’s concerts and symbolizes her full name, she cheered her and welcomed to Saudi Arabia, which contributed to the increase of enthusiasm and passion before the world star of the theater.

During the concert, Maria addressed the audience more than once, stressing and pride in reviving her first concert in Saudi Arabia, her happiness with the great public presence, and the busy reception, indicating that this night is a historic night in her life.

Maria glowed at her party, making her the talk of social networking sites, because of its large public ownership. The international artist presented a collection of her old works, which became famous and achieved great success during her career.

In her concert, Maria performed 18 songs, and waved to her audience with the microphone more than once to share her singing, which actually happened, turning the theater into a masterpiece and lyric.

Maria is bold in choosing what to wear at her concerts, and is one of the world’s most daring women to dress up, especially daring dresses and dancing on the stage, but at the party she wore a bright black dress that did not show any of her charms.

Massive equipment, an international theater and professional techniques were provided in the entertainment district of the first maria party in Saudi Arabia.

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