Move Your Limbs to Prevent Forgetfulness

Amnesia is mainly experienced after middle age. This is because the frontal lobe function of the brain responsible for memory is degraded. Recently, there are many patients with amnesia in their 20s and 30s. Why is young forgetfulness coming?

I do not write frontal lobe,

The frontal lobe of the brain functions to extract information stored in the brain such as the name of a person or thing, the place and time of the appointment, and the telephone number. However, most people in their 20s and 30s did not memorize the information they needed for their lives. The brain has the ability to self-eliminate cells that are not used well, and the memory of the frontal lobes decreases as the frequency of use decreases.

Brain fatigue problem. The brain is easily exhausted because of the social atmosphere that is recognized by various abilities at the same time. Excessive stress and neglected health care can cause toxic substances to accumulate in the brain, leading to forgetfulness. The early arrival of forgetfulness is a sign that the function of the brain is rapidly declining, so be wary of premature dementia. There is an American study that people with forgetfulness are seven times more likely to get dementia after seven years than people who do not.

To prevent forgetfulness, or to prevent more forgetful amnesia, exercises and diary writing helpful. When you exercise such as badminton, bicycle riding, walking, the brain is stimulated and the whole function improves. Writing a diary to recall what happened during the day stimulates the frontal lobe, which is better done by hand rather than using a cell phone or computer. If you have amnesia and depression, you may have a mild cognitive impairment.