The Walt Disney Share Prices are Now Approaching Their All-Time High

The shares of Walt Disney Co. went harder on Friday and gained 2.1 percent in value over the course of the day. Closing price on Friday, November 13, 2020 on the home exchange in New York: $ 138.36. This continues the price strength that began in recent days. Review: In the past three weeks of trading, the shares in the media group went up from 117.23 US dollars to 148.20 US dollars – an increase of 26 percent in just 15 trading days. The penultimate candles in the daily chart with their relatively large, white candle bodies still testify to the strength of the share.

Noticeable in the daily and weekly charts: The price gap from last Monday. Such a price gap arises if, for example, the opening price is relatively far from the previous closing price. The current price gap is due to the positive price effect after the US elections. Such an upward price gap is evidence of a strong price movement, which experience has shown is likely to continue.

Background: The Walt Disney Co. presented business figures in the previous week. These were better than expected by the market. The US company announced a decline in sales and a loss for the three months to the end of September, but both key figures were better than analysts expected.

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