“US Space Forces $ 10 billion Cost”

US Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Chanahan said on Thursday that the creation of space forces outperforming China and Russia could cost the country between $ 5 billion and $ 10 billion.

According to Shanahan, the cost of establishing space forces in the United States is estimated at “number one, not double digit”. “We are talking about $ 5 billion to $ 10 billion,” he said, adding that the amount “may be less than $ 5 billion.”
The United States is seeking to create specialized space forces as a separate type of military, said President Donald Trump, calling for hegemony and superiority in this area. According to the president of the White House, his country seeks leadership and vanguard in space and does not intend to “crawl” behind Russia and China.

According to the US defense budget for fiscal year 2019, which began on October 1, 2018, the US Missile Defense Agency, which is part of the Pentagon system, will soon have to start deploying systems to track and intercept ballistic missiles in space. According to the document, the development and application of Space Sensor Architecture should be completed by December 31, 2022, and objection systems can be deployed later.

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