Wall Street Burns Dow Gives up 2018 Gains on Trade War

Wall Street proceeds in negative territory on the fears of a Trade war and the adoption of opposing duties.

The Dow Jones loses 1.37% to 24,648.20 points, returning to the balance sheet in red from the start of 2018 with losses of 0.36% and thus burning the amount accumulated since January. The Nasdaq yields 1.02% to 7.666.94 points while the S & P 500 leaves 0.89% on the ground at 2.749.12 points.

The prices of the Old Continent are continuing their path in negative territory after the opening of Wall Street in red.

The commercial war between the United States and China weighs heavily on international markets. Despite the reassuring words of the ECB president Mario Draghi on the timing of rates and monetary stimulus, in the Old Continent they suffer more from Paris (-1.1%) and Frankfurt (-1.4%), but sales also prevail in Milan ( -0.46%), London (-0.46%) and Madrid (-0.46%). The spread between btp and bund rose slightly, standing at 222 points, with a 10-year btp yield of 2.58%. The euro, still slightly down, is worth 1.15 dollars.