What to Eat to Improve Work Efficiency

Do you feel that you are not smart enough to do things quickly and efficiently? How to eat to make the brain flexible? In fact, many studies have found that eating vegetables can help flex the brain and improve work efficiency! The following nutritionists teach you 5 details to eat veggies smartly.

Eating the right vegetables can make the brain flexible
Dietitian Lin Li-Cen pointed out that more and more people in Taiwan eat vegetable food, and one in two people is willing to elastin, that is to say, they are also very happy to have no animal food in their diet. Numerous studies have found that eating veggies can lead to better health, better mental flexibility, and even higher productivity! If you want to increase brain flexibility by eating a vegetable diet, you may wish to pay attention to the following dietary details:

1. Replace refined starch with “whole grains
Lin Licen explained that consuming too much refined starch will cause the blood sugar to rise rapidly, and the head will be drowsy and sleepy. Therefore, it is recommended to replace rice and white noodles with cereals, which can not only absorb rich dietary fiber, B group and minerals, but also slow down blood sugar.. For example, you can consume a moderate amount of oatmeal (containing fiber carbohydrates), which is called “brain food”, and vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, etc., can participate in the metabolism of homocysteine ​​in the body and reduce the oxidative stress of cells.

2. Meals have enough plant-based protein foods
Lin Licen gave an example, such as soybean-related products, such as soy milk, tofu, dried tofu, as well as edamame, black beans, etc. In addition, some grains are also rich in protein, such as chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, etc., eat them together, let the amine The base acids can complement each other to obtain a more complete nutrition. Plant-based protein foods have a very low proportion of saturated fat, and also have some fiber, good fats, vitamins and minerals, which are very suitable for modern consumption.

In addition, soybeans are not only a good source of protein, but also contain lecithin and choline, which are important components of brain cells and nerve conduction, which can flexibly think and improve work efficiency! Therefore, replacing some animal-based foods with plant-based proteins in your diet can help improve concentration and make your work more efficient!

3. Variety of fruits and vegetables is not biased
The concept of rainbow fruits and vegetables is extended to the meals of each meal. Lin Licen said that every meal should be at least nearly a bowl of weight. Multiple phytochemicals can maintain our cells, stay away from free radical attacks, make our minds more flexible, and make people look younger.

4. Reduce the intake of processed products
Lin Licen reminded that vegetarian dishes often use many processed products, but processed products contain more sodium, seasonings and food additives. Excessive intake is particularly likely to cause a burden on organs such as blood pressure and kidneys.

5. Edible nut seeds, good vegetable oil for cooking
The cooking oil can choose olive oil, linseed oil, sacha oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, etc., but avoid frying! The consumption of good oil can help the overall metabolism and accelerate the circulation, so that the absorbed nutrients can be delivered to the brain, so that the efficient work pace is no longer just an empty talk.

Lin Licen said that as long as vegetables are eaten correctly, a vegetarian diet is very beneficial to the body, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce metabolic-related diseases.


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Do you feel that you are not smart enough to do things quickly and efficiently? How to eat to make the brain flexible?

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