Why Huawei Scares Some States

Blocked in the United States, closely watched in France, the Chinese telecom giant has just been excluded from the Australian 5G market.

It’s a contrasting week that Huawei has just experienced. Boosted by its excellent sales of smartphones in Europe that have passed in front of Apple, the telecom giant has also received a violent uppercut from the Australian government. The latter has decided, Thursday, August 23, to exclude the Chinese juggernaut from its 5G market, as well as ZTE, another Chinese company in the sector, on the grounds that the risk of foreign interference would be too high. In a statement, the Australian authorities say disqualify the firms “probably subject to extrajudicial directives from a foreign government that could come into conflict with the Australian law.”

On his Twitter account, Huawei lamented “an extremely disappointing result for consumers.” Huawei is a global leader in 5G and has delivered wireless technology safely to Australia for almost 15 years. ” For his part, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang denounced “all kinds of pretexts for building barriers and adopting discriminatory measures.”