First Squid Fishing Boat Returned to Taiwan Today

Another wave of epidemic prevention The first squid fishing boat returned to Qianzhen Port with 52 crew members moving into the epidemic prevention hotel.

This year’s first squid fishing boat returned to Taiwan today. After 52 crew members disembarked at the Qianzhen fishing port and accepted high-level border epidemic prevention measures, they stayed in an anti-epidemic hotel. Anti-epidemic breaches.

Kaohsiung Qianzhen Fishing Port is a national center for ocean fishing. No matter the output value or output of ocean fishing is the first in the country, a total of 37 non-squid fishing vessels have returned to the port from late March to yesterday; nearly 80 ocean fishing vessels have started today After returning to the fishing port of Kaohsiung Qian Town to unload and replenish fish one after another, in response to the highest peak of fishing vessels entering the port in early June, the central and local governments jointly adopted high-standard border epidemic prevention measures to prevent epidemic prevention and holes.

The first squid fishing boat “Yiyang” returned to the port in the morning to cooperate with Wuhan Pneumonia (2019 Coronavirus Disease, COVID-19) border quarantine. An anti-epidemic tour bus carries the crew to the quarantine hotel, and cleans and disinfects the entire ship.

Chen Zongyan visited the site and affirmed the on-site epidemic prevention measures. He accepted a joint interview with the media and stated that border epidemic prevention does not distinguish between the central and local areas. The central government attaches great importance to the needs of Kaohsiung. He made a special trip to the south to inspect.

Chen Zongyan then met with South Korea Yu and left afterwards. After attending the briefing on the epidemic prevention briefings of Gaoshi Ocean Bureau and Health Bureau, South Korea Yu presented the crew care packages one by one.

South Korea Yu said that ocean fishing is an indicator industry in Kaohsiung City, and upstream and downstream related industries are also spreading out in this city, so there is no room for epidemic prevention, otherwise it may affect not only the industry, but even the livelihood of many practitioners. .

He pointed out that although the municipal government’s anti-epidemic deployment was advanced and the anti-epidemic mechanism was started to maintain 0 local cases in the city for 4 months, he still can’t carelessly. He has instructed the Ocean Bureau, Health Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Police Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, and Transportation The municipal government ’s anti-epidemic teams, including the Bureau of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Bureau, coordinated with the Central Committee of the Fisheries Department of the Agricultural Commission, the Marine Patrol Department of the Ocean Commission and the Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior to develop various supporting measures to balance the impact of the industry. Reduce to the minimum, speed up the quarantine time of the fishing boat, and leave the port to the Northwest Pacific fishing ground before the arrival of the saury.

He also urged that the ocean-going fishing boats that entered the port one after another could bear the inconvenience of the moment and cooperate with the government’s various epidemic prevention measures. The municipal government’s anti-epidemic team will also do its utmost to assist and work through the epidemic period.

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Another wave of epidemic prevention The first squid fishing boat returned to Qianzhen Port with 52 crew members moving into the epidemic prevention hotel.

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