Further Step for Huawei to Continue to Bet on “Cloud + AI”

The new year’s architecture is changing, no longer hiding ambitions, and aiming to win the war of the times.

This is the important structural adjustment that Huawei has just made in the beginning of 2020:

The “Cloud & AI Products and Services” department has been upgraded to Huawei’s fourth largest BG (business group), which is in parallel with the three pillar businesses of operators, enterprises and consumers.

This is a further step for Huawei to continue to bet on “Cloud + AI”, and it is a must for the war of the times. Prior to this, resources, organization, and military input had already begun to tilt.

Now, the personnel of the new structure has been further clarified: Hou Jinlong, in charge of Cloud and AI, at the helm of Huawei’s fourth largest business group, will face Ali Zhang Jianfeng, Baidu Wang Haifeng and Tencent Tang Daosheng.

But compared to the other three, “Hou Jinlong” is not a prominent name.