Honda Unveils an Electric City Concept Called E Prototype

Honda unveils an unprecedented electric city concept called E Prototype at the Geneva Motor Show. Good news, this one is very close to the serial version!

Geneva is resolutely inscribed under the sign of the electric one. Honda understands this and now seems ready to go, less than two years after the success of the Urban EV concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A desire to move forward through this showcar zero-emissions, close to the series. Named Honda E prototype, it confirms the ambition of the brand: electrify 75% of its range by 2025.

With its neo-retro style inspired by the Honda Urban EV concept presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, this Prototype E should undoubtedly meet a similar success. Good news, it would be very close to the series version, and it will probably be expected to find shortly a city car with a similar style within the range. No doubt, this should greatly help the brand to seduce the most refractory to the electric. But enough about the style, let’s go inside, which is the focus of technology, with a dashboard composed of three 12-inch screens, which are also reminiscent of the latest Mercedes models. If the set is quite futuristic, it could however be easily adapted to a model of large series after a few small retouches.

With its four seats and its reduced size, this Honda E Prototype is definitely a pure city car. Based on an unprecedented EV platform, it includes a 100% electric engine whose power is unknown for the moment, able to travel 200 km in a single charge, which remains honorable but not enough to compete with a Renault Zoe can now reach the 400 km. Taking advantage of a fast charging feature, it can recover up to 80% of battery life in just 30 minutes, as is the case with most of its rivals. You will understand, no big revolution on this point. Too bad, but let’s not forget that this concept is not there to make us dream but really to announce a real model to come.

Before the concept Honda E Prototype passes the stage of the production, some modifications should be made in order to respect the regulation, in particular at the level of the mirrors, replaced by cameras on this study of style. Appointment at the end of the year at the Frankfurt show to discover the final rendering, which should come on the market in the wake.