To lose weight fast the main secret is to make changes in lifestyle such as decreasing the amount of daily calories, increasing physical activity by doing mainly cardiovascular exercises to burn the accumulated fat in the body and, in addition to this, it must be clear the goal you want to achieve Therefore, these changes at the food level should include more natural and less processed foods, increasing the consumption of water, fruits, vegetables and whole foods to increase the supply of fibers to the body, reducing fats, precooked foods and foods rich in simple carbohydrates.

It is always recommended that the weight loss be accompanied by a nutritionist, since you can develop a nutritional plan adapted to individual needs, the health condition and lifestyle of the person, thus avoiding the rebound effect and increasing the weight lost with the passage of time.

Secrets to lose weight fast
To lose weight fast there are some recommendations that you should follow such as:

Drink green tea daily, as it moisturizes and helps treat fluid retention, decreasing swelling in the body. See other diuretic teas that decrease fluid retention;

Drink more water, avoid sodas, pasteurized juices, do not eat sweets, avoid sauces, and alcoholic beverages;
Eat in small quantities several times a day, making 5 to 6 daily meals such as breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and optionally you can make a snack at night, with an interval of 3 hours between each meal

Increase the consumption of fibers, through the daily intake of foods such as fruits with peel, raw vegetables, cereal bread, flaxseed, flours and brown rice. Another option is to drink a fiber-rich food supplement such as Benefiber.

Medications to lose weight fast
Some examples of natural solutions to lose weight can be: coconut oil in capsules, orange-bitter, glucomannan, flaxseed and chitosan. However, medications such as orlistat or saxenda, can be prescribed by the doctor to help with weight loss, especially when obesity puts health at risk.

In any case, opting for natural solutions such as taking green tea or a supplement with spirulina, are healthier alternatives to achieve the ideal weight and help speed up the metabolism by burning localized fat and helping to lose the belly.

Exercises to lose weight fast
The exercises to lose weight fast are those that help burn calories such as walking, running, biking, dancing, swimming or exercise to work muscles, must do at least 30 minutes a day to help increase metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

However, the most important thing is to choose an exercise that you like, in this way you will not easily give up the practice of physical activity that is essential to lose weight fast. See what are the best exercises to lose weight.

The first trick to lose weight quickly is to increase exercise and move more. The ideal would be to constantly devote himself to one of these sports, the most suitable for rapid weight loss.

If you do not have much time to practice a sport, set yourself the goal of walking fast or going for at least half an hour a day: you will wake up your metabolism and burn lots of fat! It may be useful to use a pedometer to help you monitor the number of calories burned and encourage you to make more movement.

Lose weight quickly with physical activity is not as difficult as it seems: just go up the stairs every day instead of taking the elevator, or spend more time cleaning housewives. Housework can make you lose up to 200 calories in an hour! When they say, two birds with one stone.

In general, a trick to lose weight quickly is to walk, if possible, every hour for at least 10 minutes. The sedentary lifestyle hurts and two steps sometimes help to dispose of swallowed food faster.

5..Do not skip meals! Fasting does not need to lose weight quickly ...
Contrary to what you may believe, fasting or skipping meals does not help at all to lose weight fast, indeed! It is a counterproductive practice, useful only to slow down the metabolism and to remove the energies.

Never miss a meal, starting with breakfast, which must be the most abundant of the day. The trick is always the same: breakfast for queens, lunch for princesses and dinner for the poor. If you start your day with a hearty breakfast, you will have the energy to face the day and all the time you need to burn calories.

6.Be regular at the table
Respecting meal times is one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast. Remember that the meals of the day must be three: breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are able to avoid snacks outside the meal, it will be easier to lose weight faster.

However, if you really can not see each other from hunger between meals, prefer low-calorie and nutritious snacks, such as fresh fruit or yogurt, avoiding cookies, chocolate bars and snacks.

Finally, try not to eat dinner after 8.00 pm: this simple trick will help you lose weight faster because you will have time, before going to bed, to move and consume calories.

7. Review your eating habits
An incorrect or disorderly diet is the first reason we get fat. To lose weight quickly, you will need to review your habits and follow some simple tricks:

8.. Completely eliminate all fatty foods from your diet (and your dispensation): if you do not have them at home, you will not be tempted to eat them! Therefore avoid the purchase.
9. Say no to cheese, fried, sweet (especially if industrial), salami and canned foods.
10. Limit the intake of carbohydrates (but do not eliminate them altogether) and prefer the consumption of lean meat and fish.
11. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables: raw, cooked, in soup … it will not be enough! It is the most genuine and lean food you can consume.
12. Ok also to fruit, but with more moderation and possibly as a snack away from meals. A great break-hungry trick is always having a nice apple in your bag for sudden attacks.
13. Adding pepper or parsley to your dishes will help you digest faster: pepper has a fat-burning effect, while parsley helps prevent water retention and is a great way to deflate quickly.
14. Finally avoid meals out of home as much as possible and take the healthy habit of preparing a beautiful slab to go to work. In this way you can control the caloric intake of what you ingest and keep your line under control.