Your Horoscope in 2019


How much valuable time are you willing to invest in a project that depends almost entirely on your energy? Although your ruler, now in your sign, is giving you enthusiasm, it makes sense to stop digging when you feel you are in a hole. And this is even more logical if you have a metaphorical ladder at hand and can make your way easier and reach safe ground. This week there will be no surprises in what you know about your life. But the unexplored territory contains possible pleasures (positive).


Although you are not alone, there is one aspect of your life in which you feel isolated. Even though you have important people to talk to, there seems to be a particularly heavy burden that you can not ignore or, more importantly, share. The calm cosmic climate gives you this week the opportunity to support the weight of your problems on a wall. If you can distribute the load in another way, you will find enough space to devise the best way to continue. Your problems will not disappear this week, but you will discover an ingenious way of dealing with them.


We are surrounded by great engineering feats that go back thousands of years. There are hidden pillars that support – in silence and without anybody thanking it – large buildings, from pyramids to pantheons. We barely know about the existence of these structures until they weaken. Similarly, although your work in a company and your commitment to it have been essential to its smooth running, have not been taken into account or valued. However, you can feel justly proud of the key role you play. This week, you will finally receive a well-deserved recognition for your efforts.


Instead of wasting your precious time in mentally composing a list of all the factors that seem to prevent you from doing what you really want to do, this week brings you the cosmic reminder that frustrations are inevitable. There will always be challenges. Nobody has a trip without problems. While some people are overwhelmed by the smallest obstacles, you are lucky enough to have the confidence to find an innovative way to overcome even the most difficult obstacle. You just have to take advantage of your determination. And the cosmos is helping you with that.


We often make a lot of fuss about things that do not really matter, while we let go of things that are very important. This is more evident at this time of year. We have left behind the celebrations and we are facing our resolutions, seeing how the memory of the changes we wanted to make in our life, loses vitality. Although this week you see that something new worries you, it is unlikely that you will stay long. Keep the perspective and you will see the gifts it brings you. They can motivate you to change what you need to change.


As we move into the new year, you are increasingly aware that something very important has changed. It is as if a flag had been raised, a drawbridge lowered, or an important decision made. But it is almost imperceptible. Although it seems that nothing has changed in your outside world, the change is fundamental and will guide you throughout the year. It is the inner understanding that following your heart is a duty that you have with yourself. If you are not happy with your life, how can you expect to help another person enjoy yours? This week keep in mind your own needs.

Libra Horoscope

Vehicles traveling at high speed need a lot of time to stop altogether. They cover a great distance in the time that passes between pulling the brakes and stopping. Our perception of speed is relative. When looking at a train approaching a station, it is not easy to know if it will pass accelerating or braking until it stops completely. Now that the frenzy of the holidays has been left behind, you have the feeling of having lost momentum. But, if you take a moment to assimilate everything that has happened, and everything you expect, you will know at what speed to move forward.


Where is your magic wand when you need it? Why do you have to fight when a breath of magic could fix everything in an instant? Good question! It is similar to being hungry before going out to eat. You will not appreciate what they are offering you unless you acknowledge your desire. Even though you are increasingly aware of an unfulfilled dream, there seems to be little you can do when you continue to be under such an amount of pressure. The cosmic message indicates that your patience will bear fruit. Things are about to start moving.


The fairytale endings are very much to blame. “They lived happily and ate partridges” could be the words you would like to use about a story of your life and that, unfortunately, you can not say with a certain degree of certainty. “Happy forever” is an aspiration that no one can promise, not even your astrologer! But I can say with certainty that the cosmic signals expect an improvement in a complicated situation. By having your regent in your sign, which Venus has recently joined, something uncomfortable ends and something good starts.


You would like something to be completely finished. A situation has been lengthening too much. The good news is that soon your wish will be granted. The cosmos seems to point out that a season of uncertainty and confusion is becoming clear. This week try to keep that in mind, when you see that you are juggling with metaphorical newly laid eggs. Or trying to raise a wall with jelly bricks. The situation is becoming more stable. It just needs more time. All you have to do is keep your concentration, without putting yourself under more stress.


When we are too caught up in the unimportant details of a situation, our sense of humor tends to get lost. If you can distance yourself and look at the scenario that you are so passionate about from another perspective, you may discover that it has a more casual side (that could even make you smile). However, first you have to relax. And, before you do it, you have to be sure that you have done everything you had to do. Your caution is making things seem more complicated. This week you can take your less serious side.


You can always decide to walk away, if that is what you want to do. Nobody is going to force you to continue striving in a complicated situation. Nor will anyone think the worst of you if you fall behind. In fact, some people have been surprised that you have stayed so long. But there is a part of you that wants to remain committed, despite the challenges. Are you stupid for feeling so loyal? Do not! As this week’s events will show you, your sense of honor and duty are justified. Feeling inside you that you are doing “the right thing” is priceless.

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