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The World Bank Lowered its Growth Forecast for Most countries in East Asia and the Pacific
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Bold Costumes Raise Controversy About Olivia Rodrigo’s Sexualization
Hyundai Resumes Operation of One of its Factories in South Korea

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80% of Office Workers are Allergic to Mold

In summer, allergies can break down, and all day long itching, nasal congestion, and mad and runny nose, work and interpersonal performance deteriorate, and even “panda eyes“. According to investigations,…

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The Risk of Death Among those Over 50 Years Old who is not Vaccinated is 17 Times Higher

People over the age of 50 who were not vaccinated against COVID-19 were 17 times more likely to die than those of the same age group who had been vaccinated….

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Goldman Sach: Australia’s GDP to Shrink by 2% in the Third Quarter

Goldman Sachs (395.87, 2.30, 0.58%) Group said on Monday that Australia’s lockdown may cause severe economic contraction this quarter, and the highly contagious delta variant virus will slow the lifting…

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“Free Guy” Released Earns for two Weeks as18 Million U.S. Dollars

The comedy “Free Guy” starring actor Ryan Reynolds will be released for two weeks. In the second week, it is estimated that another 16 million to 18 million U.S. dollars,…

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