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Sweco Reports A Profit of SEK 630 Million for the First Quarter

Technology consultant Sweco reports an ebit profit of SEK 630 million for the first quarter of 2020. This is higher than both last year’s figures and analysts’ forecasts. The analysts…

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The Price of “Bitcoin” Increases by 2% to Reach $ 13,035 Thousand

Bitcoin rose during transactions, to exceed the threshold of 13 thousand dollars for the first time in about 15 months, with the support of enabling PayPal customers to buy, sell…

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Facebook Begins Charging Fees for Companies’ Use of WhatsApp

The company “Facebook” announced that it will start imposing financial fees on companies that use some services of the communication application “WhatsApp“. And “WhatsApp Business” allows small and medium-sized companies…

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Dow Jones “Closes 152.8 Points Up at 28.363 Thousand Points”

US stock indices rose at the close of trading, with the Dow Jones rising about 150 points with the anticipated stimulus package and amid the announcement of positive economic data….

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