U.S. Dollar Rises Aainst the Yen

According to the MoneyDJ XQ global winner system quotation, the U.S. dollar appreciated by 0.11% against the yen on the 13th (ie the yen depreciated) to 106.93, rising for the third consecutive trading day, and hitting an intraday high of 107.05 in about 3 weeks (since July 23) New high; as of the close of the Japanese stock market on the 14th (14:00 Taipei time), the dollar was trading at 106.85 yen.

After the Nikkei 225 index opened in the red market on the 14th, due to the recent rally, it recovered the psychological barrier of 23,000 points yesterday (13th), allowing investors to settle profits first. This dragged down the index to turn black on several occasions during the session. Under the influence of the epidemic, Sony and other stocks whose performance is still expected to be boosted by the rise, the support index still closed on the rise, rising 0.17% or 39.75 points to close at 23,289.36 points, rising for the fourth consecutive trading day. It continued to hit a new high closing level for six months (since February 21).

The Topix Index (TOPIX) fell 0.05% (down 0.77 points) to close at 1,623.38 points, the first decline in 4 trading days. The number of companies on the First Section of the East Stock Exchange was 818 gainers, 1,276 losers, and 78 firms remained flat. Today’s turnover of the First Section of the Eastern Stock Exchange was 227 billion yen, which was the fifth consecutive trading day above the 2 trillion yen mark, which shows the active limit of buying.

In terms of the performance of stocks, 12 of the 33 stocks in the First Section of the Topix rose, among which service sector stocks rose the most, followed by pharmaceuticals, precision machinery and insurance.

Japanese export-related stocks rose. Sony rose 2.02% to close at 8,876 yen, a record closing high in about 19 years (since June 11, 2001).

Fujifilm surged 2.76% to close at 5,138 yen, a record high for the close in three months (since May 12). Fujifilm said that the clinical trial of the Wuhan pneumonia candidate “Avigan” in Japan is estimated to be completed in one month.

Japan Airlines All Nippon Airways fell 0.80%. In preparation for the prolonged epidemic, ANA reported that it has approached the bank for negotiation and plans to seek 500 billion yen in financial aid.

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According to the MoneyDJ XQ global winner system quotation, the U.S. dollar appreciated by 0.11% against the yen on the 13th.

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