What Happened in Berlin?

In a collective deportation from Berlin it should have come in June to disturbing scenes. According to the Refugee Council, people were forcibly sedated, and those who were crying were laughed at by policemen. The authorities reject the allegations.

The Left and the Greens in Berlin are calling on the Senate to clarify the circumstances of a collective deportation of asylum seekers on 6 June. In the context of the flight to Madrid, according to the Refugee Council, violence and humiliation against affected migrants are said to have occurred.

“These are serious allegations. We expect the interior senator to take a stand and immediately provide comprehensive education, “said the left-country chairman Katina Schubert. “If the allegations are correct, the immigration office acts completely outside the common framework of the coalition. Then, in the coalition committee, we will have to discuss how this inhumane practice will be put off. ”

Greens MP Bettina Jarasch recalled that Red-Red-Green committed to a “humanitarian paradigm shift in deportation policy”. “That’s why the deportation practice is put to the test.”

In the charter flight in responsibility of the State of Berlin, which started in Schoenefeld, 90 foreigners from at least 16 states were deported, including 24 minors. These were people who, under European law (Dublin III Regulation), have to apply for asylum in the state where they first entered the soil of the EU. According to the Senate, they were accompanied by 49 federal police officers as well as two doctors, two paramedics and a language mediator. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, there were even 83 federal police on board.

Refugee Council: Policemen laughed at crying migrants
The Refugee Council Berlin spoke of a “horror collective deportation” and stated, citing reports of participating migrants, police had beaten people. A mentally handicapped man was sedated with a drug, several other people were tied up. Among them was a woman who was to be deported with several small children, but without her husband and therefore had screamed. Policemen laughed at crying migrants.

The Federal Interior Ministry explained to a parliamentary request of the Left Bundestag MP Ulla Jelpke, a human was carried on the plane, five others with a belt (body cuff) were tied, but no one was injured.

The senate administration said in a parliamentary inquiry of the Green politician Jarasch, the raised “general allegations of physical violence” by police officers could not be confirmed. Due to resistance actions, the exercise of immediate coercion was required in individual cases.

A spokeswoman for the interior administration added on request that the police medical service does not administer sedative medication on its own. If drugs are given in individual cases, this is done on request of the patient. “Deportations are the last means of departure in Berlin,” said the spokeswoman. “Voluntary departure always has priority.” All involved in a deportation employees of the State of Berlin are sensitized and practiced for such situations.

The Senate Administration also recalled that since 2013 there is an independent deportation observer in Schönefeld whose findings would then be discussed in the so-called airport forum. In addition to law enforcement agencies, churches, charitable organizations, associations such as Amnesty International or Pro Asyl are also represented there.