NASA Investigates the First Crime Committed in Space

The American Space Agency (NASA) launched an investigation into a possible crime committed on the International Space Station. According to The New York Times, the American astronaut Ann McClain is suspected of committing an offense.

According to the publication, McClain, while in space, without the knowledge of her same-sex wife, Summer Warden, with whom she filed for divorce, went to her bank account. Warden filed a complaint about unauthorized access and theft of personal data to the US Federal Trade Commission, as well as to the NASA Inspector General.

Returning from outer space in June this year, through her lawyer, McClain explained to the newspaper that she just wanted to make sure that the family budget was in order and that she had enough money to pay bills and take care of her son Warden, whom the women raised together.

“She categorically denies that she did anything wrong,” said lawyer Rusty Hardin, noting that McClain is fully cooperating with the investigation.

According to the rules of the ISS, national law applies to astronauts and their property outside the Earth.

Astronaut Ann McClain, Colonel of the U.S. Air Force, graduated from the prestigious West Point Military Academy. As a military pilot, she completed over 800 hours of combat flights in Iraq. In 2013, the pilot was selected for space flight. In 2014, McClain got married to Summer Warden, but in 2018 the couple filed for divorce.