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Janette McGowan: “Each Royal is Assigned A Bath…”

A former Queen’s maid (95) has now given the British newspaper “The Sun” an insight into the ongoing kindergarten quarrel between Prince Andrew (61) and his older brother Prince Charles…

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Benefits of Eating Saffron And Side Affects

Saffron benefits and side effectsSaffron benefits and side effectsSaffron is a special type of spice with medicinal properties, it is found in very few places, which is very expensive, there…

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ECB Council Member Fears Price Fluctuations Because of Germany

The head of the Finnish central bank, Olli Rehn, warns that Germany’s nuclear phase-out will increase dependence on Russia and destabilize the energy market. “The decisions about energy policy in…

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Mansi Srivastava- Kapil Tejwani Wedding Photos

The latest pictures of TV serial actress Mansi Srivastava and Kapil Tejwani’s wedding have surfaced on social media. See photos here. Mansi Srivastava got married with pomp TV serial actress…

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